Fresh Take Kitchen Mission

Our Mission – A Fresh Take on better eating

We start each morning with the best ingredients. Our produce is delivered fresh daily and chopped by hand to produce our crisp farm fresh salads. Our chefs passionately sauté, stir and simmer our seasonal selection of soups from scratch each morning. The smell of fresh baked bread lingers all day long.

At Fresh Take Kitchen, we believe that healthy eating does not require sacrifice. Fast food can be good food, and affordable. Our team believes in a better way of doing fast food, for the quality and service you deserve.


Our Space – A Progressive Preservation

Like the spirit of our food, going “old school” to make farm to table fresh new again, we have preserved and honored the natural structure of our century old building. We believe our space is a reflection of the community we live in. Modern and cutting edge, yet always respecting our heritage.

Our Technology – The Future is Now

Our ordering process is fast and efficient and is the envy of every quick service chain in the country. No standing in long lines, no incorrect orders, no heat lamps over food waiting to finally be served. Our ordering system respects your time and will even remember you, whether you order on line, or in our store.

Our Values – Green is the New Black

Our planet is not a “thing” like shoes, or a new car. It’s a living, breathing system and, just like our children, needs to be respected and cared for.

At Fresh Take Kitchen, we take every step possible to save energy and reduce waste introduction to the landfill. We installed LED lighting and new super high efficiency cooking appliances and HVAC system. All of our carry out packaging is either compostable or recyclable. No styrofoam. Ever.


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