Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have accessibility for persons with disabilities?

Yes. Our handicap accessible entrance is the main door to our building at 424 Washington St. Additionally, should you be visually impaired, or just require assistance using our order kiosks, our staff is happy to assist you to place your order.

Can I just call you to place my carryout order?

Fresh Take Kitchen went to great lengths and expense to provide our customers who order on-line a state of the art, simple to use ordering platform. We encourage our customers to place their orders using this platform to ensure order correctness.

I have a rather large group order I would like to place over the telephone, is this possible?

Due to the logistics of medium to large group orders, we will accept telephone orders. We ask that the order be placed at least one business day in advance, to ensure availability of products and customer satisfaction. Please call 812-799-1097 during the hours of 8am until 11am or 2pm until 4pm Monday – Friday. We will typically not accept telephone calls during peak serving hours to ensure the optimal satisfaction of our walk-in customers.

I noticed that your ordering kiosks can remember me and my previous orders using facial recognition if I choose to do so. Do you store a picture of my face?

We do not store a picture of your face, nor is one ever taken. Our state of the art ordering systems uses a technology called “biometric scanning”. It is the same technology now available in newer Apple iPhones. Biometric scanning actually plots multiple points of your unique facial structure, such as the distance between your eyes or the height of your forehead, processes these points through an algorithm, and stores those mathematical calculations in an encrypted file. You may also choose to use a telephone number as an alternative way to save your order history.

Is Fresh Take Kitchen a vegetarian/vegan restaurant?

Although we are proud to have the widest selection of vegetarian/vegan offerings on our menu of any restaurant in the area, we still offer proteins such as beef, chicken and fish as toppings for our salads and grain bowls. We consider ourselves vegetarian/vegan friendly.

I have food allergies, what do you suggest?

We strongly encourage all customers with food allergies to inquire with our staff prior to ordering to ensure the meals you order are free of any ingredients you should not consume. Note- various types of nuts are stored on the premises and used in preparation of some of our menu items.


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